Saturday, January 7, 2012

Presentation of Global Trading

This proposal has two main purposes: (i) establish elementosque help develop an operational strategy for negotiations, which develops laactualidad Guatemala, together with delegations from paísescentroamericanos with the United States, and (ii) identify mechanisms and differential tratopreferencial inserted within the said negociaciones.Se takes planning practice can serejecutada negotiating process with agility, since Washington have an interest enconcluir evidence a trade agreement with Central America in November this year.

From an operational strategy that must be provided in versiónfinal with Guatemalan private sector representatives and negotiators, sepodrán determine:

Content negotiation phases;
Ranges and limits of alliances with other actors and subjects Guatemalans;
Ranges and limits of alliances with other actors and American negotiators;
Establishment of additional scenarios and content in other negotiating fora, and
Monitoring indicators, monitoring and feedback in sequential stages of negotiation.

An essential aspect to consider from the outset is that the conclusion of lasnegociaciones with Central may well lead to an agreement of "partial". This two factors influence the extent básicos.Primero business content that is considered in the aread Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA) on a continental scale. Second, quemuchos of negotiation issues could, depending on the dynamics of lanegociación, be confirmed at the regional level in Latin America.

In any case, the Central American countries can assess the possible sequence posibilidadpara establish alliances with other actoreslatinoamericanos, particularly in issues of great concern to the subregion, as in the case of agriculture, textiles, rules of origin and manufacturing.

The content of this proposal is developed in summary ejecutivo.Las footer notes allow you to have a larger dimension of references for further deepening temasy on data and concepts utilizan.Se insists on the draft from which can be made final and guiding undocumented aspects quedeben concrete and operational support current negotiation process.

To complement this, but not least, is clear lanecesidad that exists for developing countries, especially those depequeños markets relative to diversify dependence. Depending deello is important that Central American countries can adelantarnegociaciones with other major malls worldwide, including the European Union.

It is imperative to act quickly. Normally as you acercanlas completion dates for negotiations are exhausted presióny mechanisms occur nearer to the limits of the diferentespartes transaction. This becomes more complex with the recognition that working with variostemas simultaneously, which requires sequential and thematic approach to concessions and benefits As soon as it acquired in the negotiation. What esperadoes pressures that accrue in the final stages, starting next deseptiembre.

From early June that this document is formulated, quedanapenas four months to be already at the end and therefore with lasmayores pressures in the table. Do not have a strategy on time, with the anticipation due to design sequences, phases, escenariosalternativos, as well as operational and strategic alliances is lacking essential delelemento to negotiate with a minimum of responsibility.